Bartlesville High School Athletics


Bartlesville spiker gives her all


Perhaps two words describe Sarah Covell’s performance during the past week-plus for the Bartlesville High School varsity volleyball team. Consistent excellence. While several other Lady Bruins broke loose at times with fiery displays of production, Covell quietly put together a string of prolific numbers that helped fuel Bartlesville’s perfect showing (6-0) last week, as well as a solid effort in Tuesday’s loss at Jenks. For her contribution to the Lady Bruins’ revival, Covell has been named this week’s E-E Athlete of the Week. “I really enjoy just the energy you get on the court whenever you’re playing well and with your teammates,” Covell — who is a second-year starting junior — said earlier this week. “I think I can hit it pretty well. I think I try to have positive energy on the court and I try to keep it light, and just have fun with my teammates all the time.” But, Lady Bruin opponents certainly didn’t have fun when No. 19 got around the ball during the past seven matches. Although complete stats were not available for all the matches, Covell’s partial totals are still impressive — in five matches she registered 51 kills, 19 aces and at least six blocks. She also topped the Lady Bruins with 15 digs against Sapulpa and recorded a stellar 2.5 passing stat (on a scale of 3.0 being perfect). Covell has worked for several years to hone her court skills as a Lady Bruin spiker. “I started going to volleyball camps they had when I was young,” she explained. “I started playing with the Eclipse (a local volleyball club team).” But, Covell didn’t pour all her athletic talents and interests into one sport. She also has competed in soccer, tennis, gymnastics and dance, and still runs track. Her interests also include swimming “and watching movies and hanging out with friends.” What makes volleyball unique is the emphasis on verbal communication “and depending on teammates,” Covell said. “It’s really a team effort. Even your attitude can affect the other players.” Covell took an attitude of improvement and progress into the off-season after last season. As a result, she has honed herself into an all-around contributor, as a hitter, a back row digger/passer and a server. But, Covell is ambivalent on whether she will continue to play volleyball in college. “I’ve thought about it,” she said. “I don’t know really what I want to do. … I f I had an opportunity, I’d consider it.” Covell didn’t need to consider long about her favorite school subject: Physics. She has proven to be a master of manipulating the laws governing leverage and object propulsion when it comes to diving or, or blasting, a volleyball. Her favorite memory on the court is still fresh — last Saturday’s win against Collinsville in the championship final of the Bartlesville tournament. “That was really fun,” Covell said. “I thought we played really hard throughout the entire thing and we didn’t give up any points easily.” As for the rest of the season, Covell wants to see the Lady Bruins finish up on their best foot, following this weekend’s Stillwater tourney. “It seems like the last two years that after we went to the Stillwater tourney, the season kind of wound down,” she said. “This year, after the Stillwater tournament I want to see us continue to improve to the end.”